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Sealed/Thermal Units

Sealed Window Units in Peterborough

Kawartha Glass Peterborough provides the residents of Peterborough and its surrounding areas with exceptional quality sealed and thermal units. Be it a replacement window or a completely new window, Kawartha Glass Peterborough can provide a unit for any size, shape, or opening. Our sealed units are installed using the latest technology. Whether you need double-pane windows, insulated glass units, glazed units, or sealed glass units, we are just the place for you. Our sealed windows are custom-made to your specifications, so that they fit your house or office perfectly.

Know More About Our Sealed Units

Sealed units are the most common type of windows in both commercial and residential non-opening windows. A sealed unit is two or three panes of glass separated by an air space. This air space is the means of insulating your window. Having a sealed window allows you to consume less energy, thereby reducing your energy bills. Not only are sealed windows ideal for cutting costs, but they are also better for the environment in comparison to the single-pane windows.

Benefits of Having Sealed Windows

Having a sealed or a thermal window in your home has many benefits -

They are one of the most energy-efficient insulated windows available today.
They protect homes from extreme weather conditions.
Sealed windows keep the heat out during summers and cold out during winters. This results in cutting down energy use.
They facilitate noise reduction.
They enhance the appearance of a house while increasing its resale value.

Get Sealed Windows For Your Peterborough Homes

Save on your energy bills with the help of our sealed windows.

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