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Renovation And Repairs

Glass Renovation and Repair Services in Peterborough

Kawartha Glass Peterborough provides the residents of Peterborough and its surrounding area with high-quality glass renovation and repair services. We have been in the business for over twenty-five years. Our team is highly skilled and experienced. With glass renovation services from Kawartha Glass Peterborough, you will be amazed at how a little imagination and expertise can transform your home’s appearance! Whether you need glass renovation services for bathrooms, kitchens, or shower doors, we are just the place for you. Kawartha Glass Peterborough’s wide range of glass shower and tub enclosures will give your bathroom a whole new look! Our mirrored closet doors, glass shower and tub enclosures, wall mirrors, as well as skylights can make even the smallest bathrooms feel open and inviting. Call us today, and give your home a makeover.

Low-E Coating Window Installations

Although Low-E may technically mean “low emissivity”, at Kawartha Glass Peterborough, we like to think of our Low E-Coated, multi-glazed windows as providing “lower energy” costs! In addition to the energy saving benefits, these units also provide that sleek and attractive look you’ve been after! We also help you save on energy costs by replacing your window’s caulking, weatherstripping, and sealants. Whether you're looking for extensive glass renovations, or would simply like to enhance your home’s decor with a glass tabletop or cabinet doors, we’re the professionals that can get it done.

High-Quality Glass Renovation And Repair Services In Peterborough

Give your bathroom and kitchen a new look with our impeccable glass renovation services.

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